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Founded by Dr. Staffan Canback, we are an elite management consulting firm grounded in rigorous, scientific analytics. With the world’s largest companies as clients, our current focus is to work with them to navigate the recession, including setting new strategic priorities, cutting costs smartly, optimizing financial levers to improve solvency and liquidity, and finding essential investment opportunities.

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We serve clients globally through six practices:


We are a firm based on proprietary intellectual capital

U.S. Industry Volatility as We Enter a Recession

As we head into the recession, it is important to know which industries are most affected in the real economy.

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U.S. Recession Outlook—A Collage Model

We created two economic scenarios for the United States. The first is a Covid recession, the second is Covid + financial

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White Paper: Winning in a Recession

The recession caused by the pandemic is upon us. What do successful do to navigate the treacherous recession waters?

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The 2020 recession is the story of the century. On average, around 19% of the world's population is in recession...

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Our work covers four major sectors. Ranging from consumer goods such as food & fashion, to Financial services including banking and insurance.

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Canback works on a continuous hiring cycle for our Boston, Chicago, Johannesburg, London offices.

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