Management Consulting

Canback is the world leader in management consulting based on predictive analytics. Our predictive analytics approach allows us to achieve results faster, with higher precision, and at a lower cost than traditional management consulting firms. This is particularly true for marketing strategy and product/market assessment issues.

Our forte is to help Fortune 500 clients describe the unknown with facts and accuracy rather than describe what is already known with ever increasing detail. We do this with the dual goal of being “managerially relevant — analytically robust.”

We routinely win projects against the largest management consulting firms in the world. Our perspective on the management consulting industry is found in the article The Logic of Management Consulting“”by Dr. Canback.

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Our clients typically retain us when there is significant uncertainty about how to succeed in a market. This often means working on opportunities in emerging countries where data is hard to find and markets have not yet settled into clear structures. Other times, it means working on revolutionary concepts or breakthrough products in the United States or Europe.

In both cases, Canback brings a unique combination of creative problem-solving, an ability to identify and collect valuable information globally and locally, and state-of-the-art statistical analyses.

Our consulting efforts are customized to the unique problem at hand, but we do not reinvent the wheel every time we address a problem:

  1. We always think in terms of what datasets are required to solve a problem. Combining our own and external databases together with consumer, expert, or trade surveys allows us to quickly build relevant datasets
  2. We walk the streets of the markets we analyze. Our in-country teams visit retail outlets, interview distributors, chat with consumers, and take photos and videos to illustrate what is going on. The resulting anecdotes and observations tell a story that gives context to the insights derived from hard analysis
  3. We never look at a market in isolation. We philosophically, and statistically, build pooled models over time and space. For example, to understand the opportunities for cellular services in China, it is necessary to understand not only China, but also India, Russia, South Korea, and 12-15 other countries today and in the past