“During training, I was exposed to a wide range of topics, from Excel and PowerPoint skills to business etiquette. Exercise problems and individual feedback after each session ensured everyone was on the same track.”


Business Analyst, Boston office


“My first project required big data analytics beyond what was possible in excel, and so I was asked to work with another software. It seemed daunting at first, but the experience of learning with my colleagues – being supported when I stumbled and encouraged when I had a new idea – was incredibly rewarding.”


-Parth Jhaveri
Senior Business Analyst, Boston office


“This flexibility to engage in different types of work around the world is exciting because no two days at the office are the same. On Monday I may be developing a proposal for a financial services firm in Africa whereas by Wednesday I could be staffed on a consumer goods project and have a flight booked to China”


-Galen Perry
Senior Business Analyst, Shanghai office

“Besides learning about various business matters, industries, and geographies, my role allows me to develop other important soft skills, such as interacting effectively with clients and team members. Every client engagement is unique; no single day appears to be the same in Canback.”


-Olga Prisich
Associate, London office