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Canback Global Income Distribution Database (C-GIDD)

C-GIDD Latin America contains GDP, personal and household income, population and other statistics for 20 Latin American countries, 106 subdivisions, 119 major cities, and other urban and rural areas. Salvadoran GDP and income data are available in purchasing power parity (PPP) dollars and US dollars in constant and current values.

Beyond El Salvador and Latin America, C-GIDD is the world's most detailed economic and demographic database for GDP and income distribution data. The dataset covers 213 countries, 697 subdivisions (states, provinces, etc.) and 997 major citiesCities with more than 500,000 inhabitants from 2004 till 2029. Data are normalized between and within countries and over time. More

Within each geographic unit, income data are available not only at the aggregate level, but also by income bracket. That is, you will be able to see how many individuals or households there are at a certain income level or within a socioeconomic class. More

On the following screens, you will be able to:

  • Select geographic units
  • Select GDP and income-related data series and years
  • See a summary of specified data and the associated price
  • Pay by credit card or through your corporate accountYour company/institution can create an account with Canback that allows for central billing. Click Corporate Account link at bottom to learn more
  • Download the dataset (Excel XLSX)

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