Canback Is Organized Around Six Practices

Revenue by Practice



Sources of Growth


M&A Due Diligence


Performance Improvement


Recession Management


Corporate Finance


Canback works mainly in 4 sectors

Canback predominantly operates in four sectors where we have distinct competitive advantages based on methods and experience: Consumer Goods, Tech, Retail, and Financial Services. We serve industry players and investment firms.

Consumer Goods
Food & beverage
Health, beauty & homecare
Fashion & luxury
Consumer durables

The consumer goods sector is an important part of what we do. We have done hundreds of projects in more than 80 countries.

Our expertise stretches from food & beverage, to health & beauty, fashion, and durables. Examples of projects include working with a luxury goods company to understand market opportunities in China; working with a German small appliances maker to predict growth opportunities in Russia; and mapping out city-by-city opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa in 16 categories for a global health, beauty and home care company. In food & beverage, we covers all aspects of strategy, revenue management (including pricing), market entry, and sources of growth.

We have worked on dozens of M&A due diligence efforts in consumer goods ranging in value from $20 million to $8 billion. The total value of deals we have worked on is close to $30 billion.

Social media
Traditional media
Cellular & cable operators
Telecom products

Our core competence is to build predictive models that capture consumer and market behavior and to convert the models into actionable recommendations. In many ways the methods are the same as in the brick and mortar world, but the datasets are different.

Example are our work to evaluate the growth of the Chinese cellular services market and the potential impact of a third and fourth entrant into the market; assisting a hedge fund in evaluating satellite TV plays; working for a “next generation” lifestyle magazine.

An overview of some of our methods and mini-case studies is found here. An example of a predictive model is found here: the Cellular Operator Analysis Tool (COAT).

Traditional and on-trade
Modern trade
Restaurant chains

Our retail practice is an outgrowth of our work in fast moving consumer goods. Over the years, we have built a view of what it takes for retailers to succeed in international markets. Our core competence in retailing is to help make the right geographic choices: where and when to invest and with what store format.

Examples of work include creating a Kenya entry strategy for a South African clothing retailer and mapping city-by-city opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa for the world’s largest retailer, and optimizing pricing strategy for individual outlets in China for a global restaurant chain.

Financial Services
Asset management
Payment & remittances

Finding opportunities in financial services is in many ways similar to analyzing markets for consumer goods (notwithstanding regulatory issues). Demand for individual financial products is remarkably uniform around the world, once affluence and wealth have been taken into account.

Our work ranges from finding suitable ATM locations in Sub-Saharan Africa, to building a sophisticated model for consumer choices in retail banking in Europe based on a cube consisting of psychographic segments, distribution channel economics, and products.