Our colleagues Philip Burgin-Young and Parth Jhaveri have written a white paper on how to win in a recession.

The likelihood of a U.S. recession starting in the first half of 2020 is fairly high. It has hovered between 40-50% probability for 2 months. The 2007 recession had a maximum probability of 47% eight months before it happened.

Some companies thrive in recessions, while others muddle through. For this white paper, we looked at the difference in characteristics of the two groups. Our findings are based on a large U.S. sample, but should apply around the world.

Canback Consulting started working on recession issues in 2007 and has since then assisted companies around the world during the Great Recession, as well as when they encountered local recessions. This rich experience is combined with our typical quantitative approach to inform this white paper.